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Glass Recycling

Due to the recent changes in curbside collection, many of the haulers are no longer collecting glass. However, we are excited to report that the way glass is recycled specifically at the Beaver County Recycling Center in Brady’s Run Park. The glass will be collected and transported directly to a bottling company. The controlled collection will decrease the potential for contamination. With a strong customer service approach to the residents dropping off glass, proper education will be incorporated to invest in a stronger more valuable feedstock being provided to the end user. With confidence, we know that through this recycling opportunity, glass will be correctly returned back into secondary products.

Additionally, the partnership with the Beaver County Blind Association will bring added awareness to a visual aid that has value and reuse function. Having the collection of eye glasses may seem to be an unconventional approach to recycling but reuse is just as critical. The objective is to provide another collection location to increase the amount of people that may be provided visual aids. Vision is something that we take for granted until we don’t have the ability to see. Much like our environment, we take clean air, water, and land with little regard until pollution is the only thing we have.

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